I believe in the return of the Feminine. I am inserting more of the feminine into my life and into my yoga practice. Rest, kindness and love. There is a softening and a nurturing that each of us long for. This is part of the divine feminine consciousness awakening in the world. We spend our days doing, producing, building....more, more, more... Our planet and people suffer from too much doing and getting....look at our forests, oceans, and air. When do we rest? When do we offer our minds, bodies and soul the peace, rest and kindness they so deserve. When do we go inward and tap into that innate intelligence and intuition we are graced with, but often forgo - instead turning only to our minds for the solution. So my yoga practice is a antidote to this modality we find ourselves in. This is where I insert the feminine, and a focus into the inner awareness, which brings the balancing we so need. My yoga is meant to nourish, refresh, restore and put you in a centered, balanced space. Cycles and seasons are part of our life. When you are tired and need nurturing, maybe going to do that power yoga class is not the best thing right after a long day. The notions of nurturing, of bliss, of fluidity, of radiance, of divinity and kindness comes through in my classes. My practice is about letting go of the rigidity, the constant "doing", and about incorporating ease, mindfulness, and fluidity so as to bring more ease and balance into your life. So going from constant effort, to a balancing of effort and ease. My classes offer a blend of breathing, chanting, elements of intuitive movement and energy balancing that will leave your body, mind and soul in a state of centeredness. Come feel the bliss and radiance...Namaste.